About Us

We are here to introduce our handmade all organic hair & body products.Our products are made with Wild-Crafted Irish Sea Moss, Shea Butter and a mixture of organic and essential oils such as but not limited  too lemongrass and Lavender.We are here to make your hair and your skin feel healthy luxurious and soft.The name of our products was inspired by my now 11 month old niece Saharah aka Rah Rah, with research and development we came up with formulas using all natural products for your skin and hair. I heard about Irish sea moss by a good friend who told me about all the benefits of irishsea moss and I was impressed with how many 

vitamins and minerals it has. A while ago my mom became ill and the meds she was taking made her hair break off, so we used the hair cream and hot oil treatments for about 6 weeks and now her hair is full of life strong

and long.One of my customers has a 2 year old baby girl who suffers from eczema. She has been using the body cream and It  works wonders on her skin. No more itchy rash. It is our hope to donate a percentage of our profits to a charity. We will be letting you know which charity we chose at a later date. Please stay posted and we will announce the charity that we chose soon. Thank you for your patronage.